Fiverr is a best marketplace for freelancer. If you want to publish a gig in the digital marketing SEO category, you have to take two tests. One is the SEO Skill Assessment Test Fiverr and the other is the English Test. Here is some latest questions with answers of SEO skill assessment test fiverr-2023. Hope this will be very helpfull to pass the test. The number of sellers in this category is less. As there is less competition, there is more opportunity to get job here. For this reason, Fiverr basically takes these tests to verify that those who will provide services here have the basic skill.

Table of Contents:

  1. Video of SEO skill assessment test Fiverr.
  2. Some important things about test.
  3. What is the easy ways to pass the SEO skill assessment test Fiverr?
  4. Basic Rules of the test.
  5. SEO skill test sample questions and answer.
  6. conclusion.

1. Video of SEO skill assessment test:

2. Some important things about the test:

Actually, the Digital Marketing SEO category is 07 (seven) type. They are-

  1. Off-page SEO
  2.  On-Page SEO
  3. Technical SEO
  4. Full SEO package
  5. Keyword Research
  6. Compititor Analysis
  7. Voice Search SEO
SEO type category in fiverr

Each category must be questioned according to its type of work. The topic we are focusing on here is Technical SEO and On-page SEO. Again, there are some questions that are fundamental to SEO. They can also be combined with other categories.

I assume you are coming to serve your sector with good skills. But no matter which category of SEO you decide to serve, it will definitely benefit you if you practice the questions well.

3. What are the easiest ways to pass the SEO skill assessment test Fiverr?

Many times, we can do the practical work well. But in theoretical knowledge, we may have known the matter but now we have forgotten. But if you don’t pass the skill test, then Gig is not going to be published. It is mandatory. So, you must be passed the SEO skill assessment test Fiverr for publishing your Gig.

For this, it is important to acquire practical work skills. Besides, good results can be obtained by practicing theoretical issues and adopting a little shortcut method.

Practical and theoretical knowledge you must work hard to acquire. After these steps, here are some shortcut methods:

1) During the test you need two computers with internet connection. Because you can only work in one browser tab when you take the test. If you left the tab, you failed!

2) On the second computer, you open three or four tabs that have written about these topics. If you need an answer, you can easily find it by pressing (CTRL+F) there.

3) You can also do a Google search on another blank tab.

4) Find out the questions from this site and other sites and search for them. Save these in a word file.

5) Check out some YouTube videos in the same category. Take out the questions from them and do a Google search. Save these questions to the previous MS Word file.

6) Create a question bank like this. Open this file on a second computer and keep it to a minimize on computer taskbar. Take the help of it if necessary.

Very Important Step: Above all, if you want to verify your knowledge properly, test it honestly.

4. Rules of Fiverr skill test:

According to Fiverr

  • Each test is up to 40 minutes.
  • There are 40 questions, which vary in topics in the selected subject.
  • You can’t leave the test (the current screen where the test is being taken).
  • Do not use the shortcut menu options (mouse, right-click) or the keyboard for navigating backwards or forwards within the test.

2. SEO skill assessment test fiverr-2023 questions and answers:

SET-01: SEO skill assessment test fiverr-2023

1. What is the rel-“canonical’ tag used for?
i) To point users to the master page.
ii) To help search engine identify the master page and resolve duplicate content issues-Answer
iii) To help search engines and users with 301 redirect.
iv) B & C.

2. Which file gives instructions to search bots?
i) robots.txt-Answer
ii) sitemap.html
iii) spider.txt
iv) crawlers.xml
v) None of the above

3. What is mousetrapping?
i) How Google tracks the movements of a mouse on a webpage
ii) A website technique that closely monitors the pages that users visit
iii) A web browser technique to make the visitor’s mouse follow the links on a website
iv) A web browser trick designed mousetrap a visitor on a website-Answer

4. How would you minimize duplicate content/thin content risks when implementing filters and sort orders for products on your website?
i) rel=“pagination”
ii) rel=“prevpage/nextpage”
iii) rel=“prev/next”
iv) rel=“canonical”-Answer

5. Website use static pages because they are more SEO friendly than dynamic pages
i) True-Answer
ii) False

6. Google gives recognition for outbound links to high authority websites
i) True-Answer
ii) False
iii) Nobody knows

7. What does it mean by Search Engine Saturation?
i) All search results are the same
ii) How many of your webpages are indexed properly by Google-Answer
iii) All the search results minus your search results
iv) The keyword phrase is too competitive

8. Which black hat SEO technique detects the search engine bot and “feeds” it with a different HTML code than the HTML actually served the users?
i) Coating
ii) Foisting
iii) Sighting
iv) Cloaking-Answer

9. What directives are required in your robots.txt file?
I) Disallow
II) Allow
III) Sitemap
IV) User agent
V) All of the above-Answer

10. What is the role of Vary: User Agent HTTP Header?
i) It gives more information to web servers about user intent-Answer
ii) It informs Users before a site’s content changes
iii) It varies depending on the user-agent
iv) It informs caching servers that the appearance of the site’s content varies by user-agent

11. Are RSS/Atom feed returned in Google’s search results?
I) Yes
II) No-Answer

12. If 100 people do a search on Google and 40 of then click on the 3rd result, what is the CTR of the third results?
i) Less than 40% CTR
ii) More than 40% CTR
iii) More than 30% CTR-Answer

13. Which of the following statements is NOT true?
i) Duplicate content affects SEO rankings.
ii) Page titles are the most important on-page element after content
iii) The quality of the images uploaded on the website affects the SEO rankings.
iv) The website domain has no effect on the SEO rankings-Answer

14. Google’s algorithm is known to have how many signals?
i) 50+
ii) 100+
iii) 150+
iv) 200+-Answer
v) 250+

15. A web server is:
i) A server that can either accept or deny your request to publish your website
ii) Google’s help bot that will scan a website before it will be shown on SERPs
iii) A computer software that displays web pages to users at request-Answer
iv) None of the above.

16. Should you use internal linking?
i) No, it will be seen as spam
ii) Yes, you’re indicating to search engines that the destination page is a page that should be recognized-Answer
iii) Yes, internal linking is an important aspect to lead users to other websites
iv) Yes, putting more than 100 internal links per page is a must

17. How do you update Google about your revised page?
i) Ping Google
ii) Submit the page URL to Google to index-Answer
iii) Share it on all social media accounts
iv) Submit the page URL on Google Search

18. Which search position should receive the highest CTR?
i) 1st-Answer
ii) 1st and 2nd
iii) 3rd
iv) None of the above as CTR doesn’t exist

19. When speaking about local citations, NAP stands for
i) What does NAP stand for?
ii) Network Access Provider
iii) Name Address Phone-Answer
iv) Network Analysis Planning
v) Name Authority Place

20. What does it mean if your Robots.txt shows this feature
i) Google and Scooter can crawl your entire site
ii) Google and Scooter can NOT crawl entire site
iii) Google is not allowed to crawl your dynamically generated pages, Scooter Disallowed to crawl all your pages-Answer
iv) Scooter is not allowed to crawl your dynamically generated pages and Google is allowed to crawl all your pages

21. How do you check on Google if your site is indexed?
i) Index:operator
ii) Site:operator-Answer
iii) Check:operator
iv) None of the above

22. What are natural links?
i) They are authoritative links
ii) They are from non-profit organizations
iii) They are organically made-Answer
iv) They are from high ranking domains

23. Which of the following is a Google ranking factor?
i) Ad spend
ii) Page Speed-Answer
iii) Company Identity
iv) Footer menu

24. YMYL means:
i) Your Money Your Life-Answer
ii) You Must Yield Loopholes
iii) Your Monthly Yahoo Listing
iv) None of the above

25. Rich snippets improve SEO, help pages rank and increases CTR.
i) True-Answer
ii) False

26. How do you optimize to maximize CTR?
i) CTR can’t be influenced
ii) Your title tag and meta descriptions-Answer
iii) CTR doesn’t affect SEO at all
iv) Interlink amongst your CTR to maximize exposure

27. How do you fix duplicate content?
i) 302 redirect
ii) 301 redirect
iii) Canonical tag-Answer
iv) Deleting duplicate content

28. How do you stop content from showing up in the search results?
i) Add a no show function
ii) Silo the page until is stop showing
iii) Edit the meta description
iv) Add a “noindex” tag-Answer

29. What is the meaning of BERT?
i) Bidirectional Encoder Representations from Transformers-Answer
ii) Background Encoder Redirected form Transformers
iii) Bidirectional Equivalent Rate Technique
iv) Benefit Encoder Representations from Transformers
v) None of the above

30. Should you use responsive designs instead of having separate sites for computers and mobiles?
i) There is no difference
iii) Separate versions are better for users
iv) Websites that have responsive design are most preferred by Google-Answer

31. Which would be the most effective way of organizing a website with over 1 million pages
i) Organize the website into sections and then group them by related categories
ii) Create Dynamic Title Tags
iii) Create a dynamic sitemap that updates based on the URL
iv) Create Dynamic Meta Descriptions
v) All above-Answer

32. What does EAT mean?
i) Equal-Algorithm-Technology
ii) Expertise-Authority-Trust-Answer
iii) Expert-Authority-Technology
iv) Embedded-Authority-Trust

33. Which file gives crawlers permission to crawl and access your site?
i) robots.txt-Answer
ii) keywords.txt
iii) crawler.txt
iv) backlink.txt
v) backlink.txt

34. The URLs you want blocked are occasionally referenced by robots.txt. What is the better alternative against This?
i) “noindex” tag-Answer
ii) “nofollow” tag
iii) Htaccess
iv) None of the above

35. Search engines generate no results for a searched domain. What does this mean?
i) The domain does not exist
ii) The site has been banned by search engines
iii) Spiders are blocked by robots.txt
iv) Any of the above-Answers

36. What programs are designed to crawl websites?
i) Robots
ii) Spiders
iii) Crawlers
iv) Bots
v) All of the above-Answer

37. What is requested for robots.txt to fully function?
i) You must name the file robots.txt
ii) It won’t work properly unless its placed in the root directory
iii) A & B
iv) It must be accessible on your website
v) All of the above-Answer

38. What makes an effective alt text?
i) It explains every detail about the image in paragraphs so nothing is missed
ii) Putting enough semantically related keywords to help your rank on Google
iii) It should not contain more than five words
iv) A brief description of the image in one or two sentences for the visually impaired and Google-Answer

39. What’s the best way to structure your website?
i) Make sure all your relevant pages are accessible from the menu
ii) Use the silo/Christmas tree formation for pages with the same topic
iii) Make sure none of your pages are on the root domain
iv) Use a hierarchy navigation system
v) Depends on your website-Answer

40. Outbound links gain no authority from image links.
I) True
II) False-Answer

SET-02: SEO skill assessment test fiverr-2023

41. Internal linking is only useful for SEO purposes.
i) True-Answer
ii) False

42. You should never internally link your blog articles throughout your site. Google will lower your rankings.
i) True
ii) False-Answer

43. What is it called when Google shows the same results for related keywords?

i) Morphing
ii) Changing
iii) Adapting
iv) Steamming-Answer
v) Trenching

44. Which of the following are important for On-Page SEO?
i) Title Tag
ii) Meta Description
iii) URL
iv) All of the above-Answer

45. What is the cloaking technique?
i) Hiding certain pages from search engines
ii) Cloaking keywords so only search engines can find them
iii) Showing users one set of pages while showing search engines another-Answer
iv) Creating duplicate content and hiding them from visitors

46. The difference between SEO and SEM is:
i) SEO relies on organic/natural strategies for search rankings, while SEO relies on Search marketing
ii) SEO improves appearance and visibility depending on number of clicks on ads, while SEO relies on organic searches for rankings
iii) SEO improves the visibility of a website with organic views, while SEM improves visibility using ads
iv) SEO improves traffic using ads, while SEM relies on organic search strategies for rankings
v) A & C-Answer

47. The Google Penguin Update addresses what issue?
i) Penalizing sites with too many spammy links-Answer
ii) Penalizing sites with less than 3% keywords density
iii) Penalizing sites without ON-Page SEO
iv) Penalizing sites without backlinks

48. What is the most important heading tag on a page?
i) They all carry the same weight
ii) The heading tag highest on the page
iii) The heading tag-Answer

49. The sitemap should be included in the robots.txt file so it can be crawled and indexed by search engine bots.
i) True-Answer
ii) False

50. Long-tail keywords result in high purchases because.
i) It’s closer to what users are looking for-Answer
ii) More users search the terms
iii) It drives volume and traffic to products

51. The possum update affected businesses that didn’t show up on search results.
i) True-Answer
ii) False

52. When should you file a reinclusion request to Google?
i) After you’ve optimized your website
ii) After you’ve changed your domain and IP address of your site
iii) After you’ve corrected your black hat SEO practices-Answer
iv) After you’ve corrected your white hat SEO practices

53. PA, DA, and PR are abbreviated forms of:
i) Page Authority, domain Acronym, Page Rate
ii) Personal Authority, Domain Authority, Page Rank
iii) Page Authority, Domain Authority, Page Rank-Answer
iv) None of the above

54. How do you search exact phrases on Google?
i) Brackets
ii) Asterisk
iii) Quotation marks-Answer
iv) Hyphens

55. What happens when a site has a responsive web design?
i) The site will respond and adapt its content to the specific needs of each user
ii) The site creates dynamic change to the HTML appearance to fit the screen size and orientation of a user’s device-Answer
iii) The site determines the HTML for the user-agent and sends different sizes for optimal viewing
iv) The site provides search engines with different HTML for the user-agent

56. A search engine is:
i) A link farm where businesses can submit their website links
ii) A software program that generates results based on the information that it was given-Answer
iii) A government interface to track all your information
iv) The internet

57. Will the search change if I type a word in all caps or lowercase letters/
i) Yes
ii) No-Answer

58. Which is and example of Greyhat SEO?
i) Siloing your site
ii) Blogger outreach
iii) Creating blog posts-Answer
iv) Duplicating content

59. What is an example of a doorway page.
i) A page specifically targeted towards door installation related keywords.
ii) A page with lots of interlinked backlinks.
iii) A page with 2 or more backlinks
iv) A page or multiple pages created to rank for the same or similar keyword phrase that’s closely related-Answer

60. What is the appropriate keyword density?
i) 1-2%-Answer
ii) 2-3%
iii) 3-4%
iv) 6-7%
v) More than 8%

61. Embedded reviews on your website will automatically be shown on search results from review snippets.
i) True
ii) False-Answer

62. Advantages to HTTPS://:
i) Results in better ranking
ii) It indicates Security and Trust which would result in better conversion rates
iii) Most browsers won’t even open unsecure pages
iv) Users are more confident in entering their personal details
v) All of the above-Answer

63. Your YouTube videos have a chance to rank on Google using timestamps.
i) True-Answer
ii) False

64. It costs money to create a Google My Business account?
i) Yes
ii) No-Answer

65. What are practices of white hat SEO?
i) Creating duplicate content on a subdomain
ii) Adding as many relevant keywords to your title and meta descriptions
iii) Optimizing your website for mobile devices
iv) All of the above-Answer

66. How is keyword density used to optimize on-page SEO?
i) Naturally including keywords to make a page relevant to a user’s query will help improve your rank on SERPs-Answer
ii) If you put enough keywords on a page, it will help your rank on search results
iii) Having at least 15 of the main keyword per page will help increase your page rank
iv) Keyword density doesn’t matter to Google anymore

67. “What does the follow robots.txt directive tell search engine robots?
<META NAME=””robots””
i) Tells the bots not to index or follow the home page
ii) Tells the bots not to index or follow the links on the page-Answer
iii) Tells the bots not to index or follow the current page they are on
iv) Tells the bots not to index or follow any content on the page

68. What tool allows you to specify which links Google should ignore in the case of backlink value?
i) Disallow
ii) Disavow-Answer
iii) Disconnect
iv) Uncrawl

69. What is true about SEO techniques?
i) Bolded keywords do not influence search engine results
ii) Search engines tend to favor deep linking-Answer
iii) Improving accessibility across your website will increase organic traffic
iv) All of the above

70. Your position on search results can be affected by bounce rate.
i) True-Answer
ii) False


1) If you have a page at www.example.compage1. Which of the following robots.txt directives prevents search spiders from crawling the URL?
Ans: b) Disallow:/ c) Disallow:/page1 c) Both B & C

2) In internal linking important
Ans: Yes, absolutely, you are given the option of directly informing search engines what the destination page is about, and this is a recognized signal by them.

3) Google will sow favoritism to sites with a privacy policy and ToC
Ans: True

4) When implementing pagination for products on your site, which of these would you leverage to minimize duplicate content/thin content risks?
Ans: Rel=”prevnext+nofollow”

5) Google looks down upon paid links for enhancing ranking. If a websites sells links, what action/s does Google recommend to avoid being penalized?
Ans: Paid links should be disclosed through the “index=nofollow” attribute in the hyperlink

6) How do you tell Google your page has been updated?
Ans: Submit the URL in search console

7) When do you use the rel=”canonical” tag?
Ans: To help resolve potential duplicate content problems.

8) Which of those is not a metric used in the link building?
Ans: a) domain authority b) Number of links c) Number of advertisements(Ans) 4) None of above

9) What is Googles preferred method of configuring a mobile site?
Ans: a) Google prefers that mobile websites are configured using responsive web design b) Google prefers that mobile websites are configured using retina web design

10) There is no such thing as “Over-optimization” in SEO
Ans: False

11) What is indexing?
Ans: Once the search engines have been presented with a new accessible page it will be inducted into the search engine results pages (SERPs).

12) What do you call the filename that tells the search engines whether they can access and therefore crawl parts of your site?
Ans: Robots.txt

13) Which of the following are examples of agents?
Ans:  Search engine spiders

14) What is duplicate content?
Ans: When one page has the exact same content as another.

15) Contextually linking your blog content to other internal posts is known to lower your Google rankings
Ans: False

16) What happens during Googles indexation process?
Ans: Webpage data is saved in Googles database for easy retrieval and ranking.

17) When implementing different filters or sort orders for products on your site, which of these should you leverage to minimize duplicate content/thin content risks?
Ans: Rel=”canonical”

18) What is the name given to a program designed to crawl websites?
Ans: a) spiders b) robots c) crawlers d) All of above

19) If you enter the query “help” into Googles search bar , what results will appear?
Ans: Pages about “help” within

21) Where on a website is the most common place to apply a “rel=nofollow” attribute?
Ans: Blog comment links

22) When considering HTTP vs HTTPS pages on a site, its good to have a mix both.
Ans: False

23) Google scores internal and external links differently-
Ans: True

24) How can Meta Description tags help with the practice of search engine optimization?
Ans: They serve as the copy that will entice searchers to click on your listing

25) What is keyword density?
Ans: The total percentage of times a keyword appears on a web page compared to the total number of words on the page

26) What does YmYL stand for?
Ans: Your Money your life

27) What do you use to search for exact phrases in google?
Ans: Quotation Marks (‘)

28) Which of the following links is likely to pass the most value from a single page?
Ans: A navigational link contained in the header

29) What is an alt text for images?
Ans : It provides a text alternative to an image for the visually impaired but also helps google interpret it too.

30) How to optimize a website with millions of pages?
Ans:  a) Special attention need to be given to following section for those kind of websites b) Creating dynamic meta tag c) Dynamic XML sitemap d) Strong internal structure for navigation e) A,B, C & D.

31) Why are long tail searches closer to resulting in purchasing items
Ans:  Because they already have a precise idea of what the user is looking for.

32) What type of sitemap is the most important for SEO?
Ans: XML

33) Which of the following are requirements in a robots.txt file?
Ans: User-agent: user-agent name)

34) You can use rich results test tool to validate structured data code. True or false?
Ans: True

35) Which of the following actions carry a Google penalty?
Ans: a) having a robot write your text b) hiding text for additional keywords in the same color font as your sites background c) Using link farms and paid links to create a network of inbound links to your site d) all of above (Ans)

36) What aspects of a hyperlink are not important for SEO?
Ans: The anchor text especially the keyword on it.

37) What is the illegal act called in which a age is copied by unauthorized parties in order to filter traffic off to another site?
Ans: Pagejacking

6. Conclusion:

Questions and answers sometimes may have writing issues. And very few may have not accurate. But we hope the maximum of the answer is correct. If you justify it again and research the questions of “SEO skill assessment test Fiverr-2023” it will help to gather knowledge for you.

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