Online shop owners try hard enough to point out the good aspects of their products. But even then, sometimes there are a lot of things that buyers want to know before buying the product. But since the online store does not have sales staff directly like a physical shop. For this reason, it is necessary to talk directly to know the answer to their question. A survey report shows that more than 65% of e-commerce shoppers leave the shopping cart without checking out, just because they can’t ask anyone about the product. As we know, WordPress is currently a popular website building platform. More than 50% of the total websites in the world are made with WordPress. More than 7.1 million online stores have been created with the WooCommerce plugin powered by WordPress. So, we will know today, which are the best live chat plugin in WordPress.

There are several other platforms for creating ecommerce websites. Such as Shopify, Wix, Squarspace, Magento etc. Shopify and WooCommerce are the most used. If you want to know which is better between Shopify and WooCommerce, you can read this article.

Table of Contents:

  1. Why live chat plugin is important?
  2. LiveChat.
  3. Hubspot.
  4. Tawk. To.
  5. Tidio.
  6. Sendinblue
  7. JivoChat
  8. Conclusion.

Why live chat plugin is important:

Customer care support is usually provided in three ways. E.g., Email, Mobile calls, and Live Chat. One statistic shows that people feel more comfortable in live chat. The live chat plugin in WordPress helps to instantly communicate the buyer with the seller. This creates a positive impact on the buyer. As a result, online store sales increase and the brand improves. This can turn a visitor into a potential buyer. The Live Chat plugin also now includes a feature that allows store owners to easily track the performance of their sales and customer service teams. Also, it is easy to understand what aspects of a product the buyer is interested in and what more needs to be mentioned. Live chat plugin also can reduce bounce rate.

Below are descriptions of the top 07 Live Chat plugins used on the WordPress website.

1. LiveChat:

live chat plugin in wordpress

Overview of LiveChat Plugin:

Active Installation: 30000+
Positive Review: 78+
Language: Dutch, English (US), Spanish (Mexico), Spanish (Spain),
Spanish (Venezuela), and Swedish.

LiveChat is one of the most popular live chat plugins. It has gained popularity in the WordPress community very quickly due to its remarkable features and benefits. Its notable features are – you can use it on any computer, tablet, or mobile. It can be used without accessing the WordPress dashboard. In addition, to live chat, it can also be used to create a variety of survey forms. These survey forms can be used before and after the chat. The advantage of this is, that you can get valuable customer feedback about the performance of your customer service team, online shops, and products. Its chat window loads much faster than other plugins. This results in a better experience in online chat between the customer support representative and the buyer.

It allows you to chat online anytime and anywhere. When you can’t do that, because of your off-hour, you can set up a workflow so users can easily send a support ticket directly from live chat.

Pricing and Plans of LiveChat Plugin:

LiveChat is a Premium Plugin. See the below image for Plans and pricing.

live chat plugin in wordpress

2. HubSpot:

live chat plugin in wordpress

Overview of HubSpot Plugin:

Active Installation: 200000+
Positive Review: 118+
Language: Chinese , Dutch, English (US), French
German, Japanese, Portuguese (Brazil), Spanish (Colombia),
Spanish (Mexico), Spanish (Spain), and Spanish (Venezuela).

HubSpot is the market leader in the world of live chat. It’s not just live chat, also contact management (CRM), Email Marketing, Forms, and analytics plugin. It will beautifully represent how your business is growing day by day.

Using it you can do many things, e.g.

  • Email newsletter and marketing automation.
  • Forms and popup building. Such as announcement popup, appointment form, calculator form, conditional form, contact button form, quiz popup, donation, newsletter subscription, WooCommerce popup, and many more.
  • Live chat and Chatbots.
  • Built-in analytics and dashboard.
  • Seamless integrations with too many popular plugins.

Using the HubSpot plugin, you can customize the Live Chat window by drag and drop facility, according to website type, brand without coding. Its advantages are well suited to both small and large businesses.

One of the most notable aspects of this is: If you have just started your online business, there is a free version for you. Although free, you will find good enough features here.

HubSpot is a Freemium Plugin. Its free feature comes with a lot of functionality. But, if you need some additional functionality like ticket creation, then you need to upgrade to the pro plan. Its starts from 45$ monthly.

If you want to purchase a premium plan, then you can see which plan will match your needs. Click here for more details.

3. Tawk. To:

live chat plugin in wordpress

Overview of Tawk. To Plugin:

Active Installation: 280000+
Positive Review: 113+

Tawk. To is a fully free awesome specialized live chat plugin. It’s not only a plugin but also an App. Because it allows users to install on a computer and mobile. Tawk.To offer free iOS, Android, Windows, and Mac OS apps to stay connected. It is very comfortable with any modern browser.

This awesome plugin does a few more notable things. E.g.

  • Monitor customer activity in real-time
  • Meet customers where they are
  • Collaborate and assign conversations
  • Despite being a free plugin, you will get 24×7-365 real-time support via both live chat and email.

More than 250,000 small and large online companies are currently using it. It allows you to connect multiple website buyers and customer support agents in one dashboard. So, this free plugin will give you and your customer a great experience in live chat. Increases your sales and reduces the tendency of customers to leave without making a purchase.

So, we recommend you use it.

4. Tidio:

live chat plugin in wordpress

Overview of Tidio Plugin:

Active Installation: 100000+
Positive Review: 294+
Language: English, French, Spanish, Italian , German , Deutsch, Swedish , Portuguese , Hindi , Japanese , Korean , Russian,  Turkish and 11 more language.

If you want to use a live chat plugin that is very easy to use, we suggest you use Tidio. It allows you live chat and chatbots as well as a messenger and email integration. So, you can manage all these channels in one panel. If you have any doubts about this plugin, you can easily test it. In the initial stage, you will get it completely free. And you can install and use it in a maximum of 5 minutes. The most interesting thing is that you will get most of its features for free. You have to pay to get a few features. That will depend entirely on your wishes.

Besides live chat, you can do a lot of things using this plugin. E.g.

  • Who visited your website?
  • What they are seeing now and what action they are taking.
  • You can also use it on your browser, computer, and mobile.
  • Customize the widget to match the design of your website.
  • It can work seamlessly on any device and is 100% Responsive. Which works nicely with any device and many more.

    Pricing and Plans of Tidio Plugin:

    Although this plugin is free and does not require any card information. But some extra awesome features can start with as little as $18 per month. If you want to know which premium plan is the best to match for you, then see here.

    So, use it and enjoy it a lot.

5. Sendinblue:

live chat plugin in wordpress

Overview of Sendinblue Plugin:

Active Installation: 80000+
Positive Review: 154+
Language: English, French, Spanish, German, Italian, and Portuguese.

Sendinblue is a powerful live chat software, after that, it’s a WordPress plugin.This is also a better live chat plugin in wordpress. It is too much beginner-friendly live chat tool. It comes with excellent deliverability & powerful features such as Email, SMS, Facebook, Chat, CRM, and marketing automation. More than 150000 companies in the world use Sendinblue to transfer their email and SMS messages. In less than 02 minutes, you can create a Sendinblue account at no cost. Using this account, you can get the API key, and you can send up to 300 emails/day on the free (forever) plan. This powerful software helps you to convert visitors to paying customers. It helps buyers get answers to last-minute questions and gain more confidence to purchase. So, it increases leads and provides a positive experience to customers. As a result, the number of returning visitors and buyers increases.

Pricing and Plans of Sendinblue Plugin:

A basic package of Sendinblue plugin is free. But you have to pay for use advance feature of this plugin. There premium package starts with 25$/month.

6. JivoChat:

live chat plugin in wordpress

Overview of JivoChat, best live chat plugin in wordpress:

Active Installation: 40000+
Positive Review: 619+
Language: English , Russian , Spanish and 24 language.

JivoChat is a simple but perfect solution for live chat. It is a popular live chat plugin in the market. JivoChat is a full pixel-perfect plugin, so it is easily set up with any device. Using this plugin, you can customize the chat widget as you wish. Also you can set the chat widget anywhere on your website. You can communicate to your clients by Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp, Apple Business Chat, Telegram, your support e-mail address, and even your phone. Its chat window load very faster. For this reason, your communication with clients will be uninterrupted.

So, there will be a great opportunity to increase sales and buyers. It is not possible for any person to be active 24 hours a day. At that time you or your customer agent will not have the service, in-quiries will be on hold in your inbox and you can reach clients afterward given that they leave their e-mail address on a contact form.

If you have any problem using the plugin, customer service will be available from them 24/7.

Pricing and Plans of JivoChat Plugin:

All features of this plugin will be available for free for 14 days after the first install. When the trial period over after 14 days, you can use it free with limited features, or you can subscribe to premium plan and enjoy their benefits fully.

7. Crisp:

live chat plugin in wordpress

Overview of Crisp, free live chat plugin in wordpress:

Active Installation: 30000+
Positive Review: 51+

Crisp is a free live chat plugin. Although it is a free plugin, it can be the best live chat plugin in WordPress. It is very perfect if you want to grow your email list, generate leads, and enhance your customer relationship within the same software. You can use it in mobile iOS and android operating system. Also available for Windows and Mac Operating system. With this plugin, if you want to, you can answer your customers while you’re not in front of your computer!  Their chat system is fresh, cool, and simple to use. Just try it! Crisp is more than enough to cover the basic needs of anyone using the service.

So, with this plugin, increase your sales, do not ever miss a sale again, generate more leads, enjoy instant and real-time typing of your customer. Finally, convert your visitor to paying customer. As a result, your business will go large day by day.


We are hopeful that after reading this article well, you will find the best live chat plugin on WordPress website. Also, you can choose the best plugin according to your needs.

If you need more, please contact us.

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