Are you thinking of building a website? I hope you have heard about WordPress or know a little bit. Because, nowadays WordPress is very popular for website building. Currently, over 50% of the websites in the world are made with WordPress. But this is not the only way to create a website. Websites can also be created through Wix, Joomla, Drupal, Squarespace, Shopify, and a few more. You may have heard about Wix online, TV advertisement, or in some other way. Because they invest a lot in advertising and that’s very impressive. They are also doing well as website builders. Because, according to a report, there are more than 4.6+ million websites built with Wix.  So, we will take a good idea about Wix versus WordPress. Also, will combine the pros and cons and from this, we will decide which will be the best way for us.

Table of Contents:

  1. Basic knowledge about Wix versus WordPress.
  2. Costing in Wix vs WordPress.
  3. Design and Customization facilities between WordPress Vs Wix.
  4. Apps and Plugins support.
  5. Use in blogging.
  6. Facilities to build an E-Commerce Store and Payment gateway.
  7. Search Engine Optimization (SEO).
  8. Security between wordpress and wix platform.
  9. Online support facilities between WordPress Vs Wix.
  10. Conclusion.


Wix versus wordpress Ltd. Is a cloud-based web development service. It’s an Israeli Software company. Its a website builder, not CMS (Content Management System). Wix was founded in 2006 by developer Avishai Abrahami, Nadav Abrahami, Giora Kaplan, and its headquarters in Tel Aviv, Israel. Avishai Abrahami is now CEO of Wix. Users can create HTML5 websites and mobile sites through the use of online drag and drop tools in Wix. Their office is also located in The United States, India, Brazil, Canada, Germany, Ireland, Lithuania, and Ukraine. Using a variety of Wix-developed and third-party applications, Wix users can add E-commerce, social plug-ins, online marketing, contact forms, e-mail marketing, and community forums to their websites. It is a freemium business model. Its business is Website Building, Web Hosting service, and Business Management.


Wix versus WordPress

We are talking about, not If you want to know the difference between and, please read this article. also known as WP and WordPress developed by WordPress Foundation at first on May 27, 2003. It’s a content management system (CMS), written by PHP and paired with MySQL or MariaDB database. This is a free open-source platform licensed by GPL. It’s owned by no one individual or company. You can download and install its any webhost with one click.
Nowadays 50% websites on the web are powered by wordpress. Katy Perry, TechCrunch, Sony Music, BBC America, The New York Times, The Walt Disney Company and a lot of giants and well-known websites powered by

Costing in Wix versus WordPress:

Cost is a big consideration when creating a website. For this, when choosing any website building platform, you need to see if it is within your budget. The initial cost of creating a website, its maintenance, future upgrades, cost of the online store must be considered. Apart from this, design, user experience, customization facilities should also be taken into consideration.
We will compare the cost of creating a website with Wix versus WordPress here.

The cost of creating a website at Wix:

Basically, Wix is a freemium package. Initially, you can use it for free. But, in their free plan, you cannot use a domain of your choice. Your domain name might be like In addition, you must show Wix branded ads on favicon, top and bottom on every page of your website. You can’t omit these even if you want to. In the free package, you will get 500 MB storage and 500 MB Bandwidth capacity and not get an online payment facility. But you will get online customer care support.

If you don’t want to show their ads and take the domain of your choice or need more than that, you have to buy their premium package. You can see the details of all their packages below.

Wix versus WordPress

The cost of creating a website at WordPress:

In WordPress, cost means buying your domain and hosting package, if you want to take a premium theme or plugin then it’s price, and buying an SSL certificate. However, you will find numerous and many types of free themes and plugins in the WordPress library. But even if they are available for free, it does not mean that they are of bad quality. If you want to know about the best free WordPress theme for the personal blog then click here. And, if you want to build an e-commerce store by best free e-commerce theme for WordPress theme, then read this article. See the approximate costing to build a WordPress website below-

Wix versus WordPress

Design and Customization fachilities between Wix versus WordPress:


You will get 900+ Premade website templates in wix. E-Commerce, Personal blog, Art, restaurant any kind of templates comes with free with wix plan. All templates are fully responsive and mobile friendly. Wix comes with drag and drop facilities and user can build their website easily without help of any designer. But after you use a template, you can no longer change it, Only You can edit it.

“While it’s not possible to apply a different template to a site you already created, you can create as many sites as you want in your account. This means you can start over with a new template at any point and transfer your Premium Plan to the new site.”    

                                                                     Wix Help Center

Considering the design and customization, Wix is very suitable for newcomers, i.e., those who have less technical knowledge.


WordPress comes full of freedom. Anytime you can able to change your theme, plugin, or design. Thousands of free themes and plugins you can get in the WordPress directory. But free themes and plugins have some limited options. After all, they come into a difficult review process. Many premade websites and sections of websites will come with the theme for free.WordPress block editor, Elementor, Divi, Wp-Bakery, Visual Composer, Beaver, and few more page builder gives you a live and drag and drop facilities. But you need to hire a developer or you need to have some technical knowledge. You will not get direct support on free themes and plugins. Only get direct support at premiums. You will get free and premium themes for all kinds of websites including e-commerce, blog, newspaper, business, portfolio, and others. It will have many types of premade demos and templates built-in.

So, considering the design and customization aspects, you can do whatever you want with WordPress. But you need to have the technical knowledge or hire someone.

Apps and Plugins Support:

What are called apps in Wix are called plugins in the WordPress environment. Apps or plugins greatly enhance the design and functionality or remove the limitations of the theme. They have a huge role to play in creating a website for this.

With Wix, you can use more than 200 apps. These are based on many types of work categories. Such as marketing, social media, e-commerce, contact and, many more. Many of these are available for free but there are limitations. Others can be used by paying a monthly fee. Apps that are very essential for the website are usually found in Wix.

So, it turns out that Wix has app limitations.

WordPress: More than 60000+ free plugins are available in WordPress. Excluding premium or third-party plugins. These all are of good quality. The kind of functionality you want, you can find any plugin in the WordPress directory for this. More powerful tools and plugins like Google Analytics, Yoast SEO, Contact Form 7 you can use for free.

So, there is no need to say much about plugins in WordPress. This is a huge assortment of plugins.

Blogging in Wix versus wordpress:

Those who want to work with blogging are usually looking for an easier platform. let’s take a look at both platforms Wix and WordPress.

Blogging at Wix: Wix allows you to blog facilities easily on their platform. Here you will find all the blogging features you would normally need to work with. For example, Categories, Tags, videos photos, etc. This is a plain text editor that has some limitations. It’s not as rich as WordPress. For normal use it is good.

Blogging at WordPress: At first, WordPress was started for blogging. Nowadays it has evolved into a website builder. This is called a content management system. Here you will find everything you need for blogging. All kinds of features for the blog, drag and drop page builder, and all the great functionality make it unique. Lots of WordPress users, volunteers, and a huge community are improving it day by day.

Facilities to build an E-Commerce Store and Payment gateway:

The convenience of creating an e-commerce store can be considered as one of the main features of the two platforms. Let’s compare the two platforms below-

Onine Store with Wix:

Wix provides e-commerce facilities only for their- premium plan. If you want to open an online store then you need to upgrade your free Wix package to a premium plan. Wix accepts payments using their own native payments system, or uses third-party apps to connect different payment gateways including PayPal,, and a few more. They deduct 2.9% and 0.30$ in the US region, if you choose the Wix payment gateway. you’ll have all the tools you need to sell online basics like accepting online payments to extras like automated sales currency conversion, tax, etc. However, their online store takes longer to load than WordPress. Wix is fine for small online stores, but it is not a good option for many types and many products.

Few more plugins you will get for promoting your store. But they are not rich like WordPress.

Online Store with WordPress:

WordPress uses the WooCommerce plugin for e-commerce. It is the top popular platform in the world. It makes it super easy to build an online store. Physical, digital, LMS, Course, booking any kind of e-commerce product you can sell in WordPress store. WordPress never deducts any kind of charge from your online store, because it’s free.  PayPal, Payoneer, 2checkout, Razor Pay, Stripe, and lots of popular payment gateway you can easily integrate into your online store. Online store loading time is much better in WordPress. You can easily sell many more products on this platform. You will find lots of plugins to promote your online store. But the payment gateways you connect will deduct the charge according to their rules.

You will get full of freedom, much more flexibility, Less consumption, and a rapidly growing online store with wordpress+woocommerce.

Nowadays WooCommerce and Shopify is  the top most used online store building platform. If you want to know Shopify Vs WordPress, Which is best for building an online store then read this article.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO):

Wix has not yet gained much of a reputation in search engine optimization. But they are improving day by day. Previously they were only a platform for creating an Adobe Flash-based website. Since 2012 they have moved to the modern HTML5 platform. Some major optimization options like 301 redirections, customizable URL, Page title and description edit, canonical URL facilities they added to their platform. Currently page loading speed, image-related issues are also considered by search engines for SEO.
They need to improve a little more in these areas.

You will find everything you need in WordPress for SEO and you can do whatever you want. Yoast SEO, All in One SEO Pack, Squirrly SEO, SEOPress, The SEO Framework, and some more great SEO plugins will make your SEO topics much easier.
So, it would not be wrong to call WordPress the best for SEO.

Security between WordPress and Wix Platform:

Security On Wix:

Security is completely different in WordPress and Wix. Since you have to pay Wix to run the website, they take the matter into their own hands. You have to sign in, pay, and leave everything to them. They will have separate people to keep your website safe.

This is a good facility.

Security On WordPress:

Since you are using WordPress for free, you have to take security into your own shoulder. The biggest thing is that you always have to keep the website updated. But you can keep your website as secure as you want. You need to buy a good hosting package. Must purchase an SSL certificate. You can also purchase security packages with hosting if you want. Although you need to look at security in WordPress yourself, it is not challenging.

Great security plugins like Sucuri, Jetpack, Wordfence, All In One WP Security & Firewall, Google Authenticator, Akismet have enriched WordPress in terms of security.

Online Support facilities between WordPress Vs Wix:

Wix’s dedicated Support Team will provide you with online support. They receive telephone and text template messages for online support.
Within 24 hours you will get their support which is acceptable.
On the other hand, you will not get any kind of live support from WordPress. But you can get support from your purchased premium themes and plugins developer team.
However, you will get indirect support from the huge community of WordPress users, lots of articles, forums. And it is very helpful.


We think that after reading this article, it will be convenient for you to choose the right platform according to your needs.

If you want to know more, please contact us.

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