There are several platforms for creating websites nowadays. Such as WordPress, Wix, Squarespace, Wibbly, Custom made by using some framework, and some others. Everyone thinks of its advantages first and then chooses the platform. For example, WordPress is currently the most popular platform. It is a content management system or CMS. Using it you can create a website in drug and drop method. But, if you look at the source code of a webpage loaded with WordPress, you will see that a lot of unnecessary code is loaded which you do not need. Because it has been created keeping in mind the needs of everyone. For this reason, many people create their website in a custom way. This is just an example of why people use different platforms to create their websites or online stores. The topic of today’s discussion is – if you are trying to choose one of the two platforms wix vs square space to build your website, we will help you find the right one for you.

Table of Contents:

  1. Short description about Wix Vs Squarspace.
  2. Design and Customization facilities.
  3. Use for blogging.
  4. Use for create an online store.
  5. Pricing and plans between wix vs squarspace.
  6. Facilities for SEO.
  7. Online support.
  8. Apps and extension support.
  9. Backup & Security option.
  10. Conclusion.-Pending.

1. Short description about Wix Vs Squarspace.

wix vs square space

Wix: Ltd is an Israeli software company. It’s founded in 2006. Avishai Abrahami in now CEO of this company. More than 5000+ people now working for this company. It’s headquarter is in Tel Aviv, Israel. Wix is a share market listed company in USA. Website Building, Web Hosting service, and Business Management is the main business of Wix. This is a beginner friendly freemium platform. People loves Wix because of its functional and hight quality templates.

Wix versus squarspace


Squarespace, Inc. is an American website building and hosting company which is founded in 2004. It’s headquarter is in New York City, USA. Wix foundr and CEO is Anthony Casalena. More than 1100+ people now working for this company. Squarspace also offer SAAS(Software as a Service ) which is really helpful. Squarspace have some great pre-built layout that definitely bound to be your choice and your visitors will love it too. Another good thing about Squarespace is that it doesn’t have to rely on third party applications. Because as most of the features come built-in here.

2. Design and Customization facilities between Wix Vs Squar space:

Wix is beginner friendly fully customizable platform and everyone appreciate their free plan. You will get more than 800+ template in there. Most of them are getting old. But in their new template is stunning and very beautiful. The problem is, if you choose and use a template, you can’t switches it on any other template.

Wix has a drag and drop facilities.You can move an element anywhere inside the page. But, there is a problem too. You need to do same work individually in mobile mood if you want to move a picture. Otherwise your layout will be still same as before. But if you consider some minor issues, it also has a nice level of customization facilities.

Wix and Squarspace both have impressive range of features. However, wix have wide range of app store that extend your customization. Squarspace features are modern and more accurate. But lack of extension it’s rank is lower than Wix. Below are some common features that Wix have-

  • Donations
  • Bookings
  • Social media
  • Contact forms
  • Live Chat
  • Edit from mobile
  • Forms
  • Audio players
  • Map

But in Squarespace storage capacity and bandwidth usage capability undoubtedly win against Wix. Although some features usage purpose you need to extend your pricing on Squarespace.

We can say nobody can win this section.

3. Use for blogging:

If we are thinking about blogging, then WordPress is definitely the best. Because WordPress was born for blogging. Although the topic of WordPress is irrelevant in this discussion. We will discuss the advantages and disadvantages of blogging between Wix vs Square space here.

The number of blocks in Wix is much higher than before. It already has features like schedule post, post tab, category, draft, comment moderation etc. New features like table, GIF, file, music have been added. It is a decent blog editor. However, a few inconsistencies have been noticed in some cases. For example, you won’t get a chance to verify new comments. They will immediately appear at the bottom of your blog. Also no undo option was found here. And if anyone want to comment, then they need to make an account first. Which is really inconvenience. It’s need to separate blog App. But, it’s drag and drop fachilities is very helpful for create blog layout.

If your site is for only for blogging, the you can use Squarespace undoubtedly. If your site is built squarespace allow you create blog instantly. It has built in blog features. Category, tag, comment, Draft, Google AMP support, User role management everything you will get here. Without helping any external extension you can create blog in Squarspace. It’s blog template are stunning and Word Class. But the biggest problem here is that you will have less freedom to do as you want like Wix. That means you won’t get a chance to show your creativity. The last hurdle is that you have to work within a rule.

So we think no one will win here. You should choose the benefits that are right for you.

4. Use for create an online store:

Wix has a variety of ecommerce functionality and you will able to install some great app that really help you a lot of sell product. And its ecommerce functionality is super easy. Below is a list of ecommerce functionality that wix have-

  • Physical and digital product.
  • Offline sale (Pay on delivary).
  • POS intigration-Yes.
  • Abandoned cart recovery-Yes.
  • Automatic cart recovery-Yes.
  • Diffarent VAT rate setting option.
  • Dropshiping.
  • Unlimited product.
  • 0% intarest on payment.
  • PayPal, Stripe, Wix Payment gateway.
  • Automatic tax calculator.
  • Custom E-Mail receipt.
  • Google Analytics support.
  • Print Data sheet and some others.

So, we can say it’s a low cost and complete ecommerce solution.

On the other hand Squarspace also have a powerful ecommerce solution. Below is a table that compares the similarities and differences with Wix-

  • Physical and digital product-Yes.
  • Offline sale (Pay on delivary)-No.
  • POS intigration.
  • Abandoned cart recovery-Yes.
  • Automatic cart recovery-Yes.
  • Diffarent VAT rate setting option-No.
  • Dropshiping-Yes.
  • Unlimited product-Yes.
  • Intarest on payment-(0%-3%).
  • PayPal, Stripe, Apple Pay gateway.
  • Automatic tax calculator-No.
  • Custom E-Mail receipt-Yes.
  • Google Analytics support-No.
  • Print Data sheet-Yes.

Analyzing the list above, we can see that there is some limitation in the feature in Squarespace as compared to Wix. But it is enough for small and medium sized online stores. It has some another advantages that are not found in Wix. E.g.

  • Low stock notiifcation.
  • Gift Card.

So we will put Wix ahead in creating an online store by analyzing a neutral way.

5. Pricing and plans between wix vs squarspace:

Wix offer 100+ free template, high quality free hosting and a free domain name. When your
website is been pblished it’s domain URL is “”.
Anytime you are able to change this domain name free. Then your domain may be like

You may upgrade your plan anytime for unlock more awesome features and benefits.

See the premium plans list from below image of wix:

Wix premium pricing and plans

Image captured from: Wix pricing and plans.

Wix also have three different plan and pricing for online store user. Please see the below section for know about ecommerce plan and pricing.

E-commerce plan of wix

Image captured from: Wix pricing and plans.

Pricing and Plans of Squarspace:

Squarespace doesn’t have any free plan until now like Wix. Their cheapest plan price is 14$/Month for annual terms.

You can also pay on a monthly basis if you wish. But it will cost a little more than you pay on an annual basis. For example, the minimum amount to be paid on a monthly basis is 19$.

Below you can get a basic idea about their plans and prices. Visit here for more details.

Wix vs squar space plan

Image captured from: Squarspace pricing and plans.

6. SEO in Wix Vs Squarespace:

We all are aware about SEO and it is a big point for choosing a platform. Because if the website is not ranked in the search engine, it is not very useful. But dont worry! Wix and Squarspace both have a modern SEO fachilities. You can say Why? Let check below. They both have this On-page and Technical SEO features-

  • Page Title
  • Meta description
  • Google Analytics
  • Google Search Console
  • Google AMP
  • 301 Redirects
  • SSL encryption
  • Customize URL
  • Images alt attributes
  • Wix have Headings Tag From H1 to H6
  • Squarspace have heading tag H1 to H4.
    We advice select an updated template when create your page or post in Squarespace. Because sometime old template experience may frustrating.

So, We can say it’s a tie.

7. Online support:

Wix and Squarespace both have a standard online support system. Now we will explain main point of online support between wix vs square space.

8.1 Online support in Wix:

Wix have facilities to online support by Phone, Email and Social media support. They have also Live Chat facilities of their own. But sometimes support facilities may interrupted and time consuming. It is not a big problem. Overall their support system better.

8.2 Online support in Squarspace:

Squarespace Support system is just awesome. You will get support by email, Webinars, Videos, Guides. Also they have Live Chat facilities. But their live chat fachilities is third party provided.

8. Apps and extension support:

Wix and Squarespace both carry almost equal features when installed. Both have the option of installing additional apps or extensions to get some extra facilities. Wix has more than 200+ app in their app store. They have some of their own- and third-party apps also. It has free and premium both category apps. But being in the Prosperity App Store gives you the freedom to choose your app and add new functionality. However, in the case of a few apps, we got some technical weaknesses.

Most of the features of squarespace are comes with installation. And it has less freedom to design as your own unlike wix. For this reason, there is no need to add additional extension. So that squarespace extension store is limited. You will get at most 23+ extension in their store. But it’s all extensions are well organized and built with very carefully as your requirements.

All in all, we’re going to put Wix a bit ahead in this section.

9. Backup & Security option of wix vs square space:

We discussed before that Wix have a free plan but squarespace does not have.

Squarspace always offer you unlimited storage capacity that is really impressive. On the other hand Wix provide maximum 50GB storage capacity. If we close look to bandwidth betwee wix vs square space then we observe Squarspace always provide unlimited bandwidth. But Wix dont provide unlimited bandwidth in there all plan.

So, Squarspace definitely win here.

If we talk about security then it’s will be a tie. Wix and squarespace both provide multi layered strong security.

10. Conclusion:

Of the bottom line we can say-you will get your right one from this discusion. We will say some words at a glance that-

  • Wix is begineer friendly and Squarspace design need some Pastience.
  • Wix have a free plan that Squarspace don’t have.
  • Squarspace templates are more attractive and modern also clean. But wix templates somwhat old.
  • Wix have a lot of freedom to customize as your own but Squarspace have less freedom for customizing.
  • Wix have a big range of app store but sometimes a few app create hassle. Squarspace extensions are just awasome but lack of quantity.
  • Wix for everyone but When you choose Squarspace, you need to think again it’s right for you or not.
  • Wix is good for medium or small online store but Squarspace has no limitation.
  • Both live chat and customer support are great.
  • Both are SEO friendly fachilites.
  • Both are a Secure platform.
  • Squarspace have no limit of storage space but Wix have limitation.

We think without any hesitation, you can now choose a platform best fit for you by this article.