Contact form is very important for a website. This allows website visitors to communicate with the website owner. You can submit your email for contact with you on your website. But the problem is you will get a lot of spam emails through your account. Contact form is an easy solution to get rid of these problems. Also, through a contact form, you can task like the creation of survey and poll, payment gateway integration like PayPal Stripe, subscription and registration form-making, custom post submission, and others some works can be done very easily. More than 1600+ contact form plugins are available in WordPress. So, the question is which form plugin is suited for you? In the next section, we will summarize for you, the five best form plugin for WordPress. You can choose it yourself from the discussion.

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Table of Contents:

  1. Comparison Table.
  2. WPForm.
  3. Ninja Form.
  4. Formidable Form.
  5. Gravity Form.
  6. Contact Form 7.
  7. Conclusion.

1. Comparison of best form plugin for wordpress:

Comparison table of form plugin

Table Data Source: website.

2. WPForm:

Best wp forms

WPForm is a best WordPress plugin for forms. This is a widely used contact form. It is being used on more than 5,000,000+ websites. It is available in both free and premium versions. A simple form can be created in the free version. But the premium version will have a lot of great features.

Let’s take a look at its features below-

  • Drag and drop form builder.
  • Responsive with all kind of device.
  • 300+ premade form template.
  • Instant notification facilities.
  • Payment gateway instigation.
  • Very good spam protection capabilities.
  • Newsletter, registration and survey form building facilities.
  • Excellent conditional logic can be set.
  • It can be possible easily to integrate with your blog post, page, sidebar, footer etc.
  • Basic-39.50$/Year
  • Plus-99.5$/Year
  • Pro-199.5$/Year
  • Elit-299.5$

3. Ninja Form:

Ninja forms

Ninja Form is a very good form builder plugin for beginner or normal user. Without developer, you can build your form with very easiest way. If you want to edit a form template, then it will redirect and connect you to their live editor. Thats really awesome! You are a non-developer, that’s no matter. With the free version you can create a good quality contact form.

Take a look at the main features below of Ninja Form.

  • Beginner friendly
  • Drag and drop facilities that no need to hire a developer.
  • Users can upload, Send or export submissions as PDFs, Excel files, even Google Sheets.
  • Your customers or donors can send Single payments or subscriptions, fixed, variable, or user entered amounts.
  • Ninja Form accept PayPal and credit card payments securely and easily.
  • Easily integrated with MailChimp, Constant Contact, Campaign Monitor, Salesforce, Insightly and much more!
  • Conditional logic and multi-page form submission available. There is 40 addon comes with its premium version. Also, you will get nice pre-made template.
  • Spam protection.
  • Ajax form submission and etc.
  • Personal-49$
  • Professional-99$
  • Agency-249$
  • Just What You Need-29$-129$

4. Formidable Form:

wordpress form plugin

Formidable form is a very advanced and intelligent form builder plugin. We call it intelligent because its build for focused on developer and advanced user. This is the main difference with other form builder plugins. It is more suitable for developer or advanced users than normal users.

Let’s take a look at its main features.

  • Conditional logic enable.
  • Advance option, such as Mortgage calculator, car payment calculator, request a quote calculator and more.
  • Advance form features like quizzes, surveys, payment forms, registration forms, profile forms etc.
  • Drag and drop facilities.
  • Built in captcha (reCAPTCHA v2 + honeypot).
  • Star ratings available.
  • Dynamic prefilled fields.
  • Multi-page forms etc.
  • Basic-39.5$/Year
  • Plus-99.5$/Year
  • Business-199.5$/Year
  • Elit-299.5$/Year

5. Gravity Form:


Gravity form is a very powerful and advanced form building plugin for WordPress. Everything you need to do with a form builder plugin, can be done with it. Whether you’re a general user or a developer, this is an easy and good way to manage your data and forms. Personally, we have never encountered any problems using this form on many sites. Mail from this form is not usually blocked by spam filters.

Let’s take a look at its features below-

  • Integrate your favorite services like Hubspot, Dropbox, Paypal, Zapier, Stripe, Mailchimp and many more.
  • Drag and drop form builder.
  • Customizable column layout.
  • Strong security for protect your data.
  • Conditional logic.
  • You can configure your form to show or hide fields, sections, pages, and buttons based on user selections.
  • User can upload file and you can print it directly with your desired format.
  • Easy online payment collection facilities.
  • Registration, subscription, survey and pool create facilities enabled.
  • Post creation facilities and more.
  • Basic-59$/Year
  • Pro-159$/Year
  • Elite-259$/Year

6. Contact Form 7:

best free contact form plugin for wordpress

Contact Form 7 is the very old and one of the best free form plugin for WordPress. Also, it is one of the simple form-building plugins. But, if you want to build your form with this plugin, then you need to know basic HTML code. Because there is no drag and drop facility. But if you know the basic HTML code then you can make a very advanced contact form by it.

Below are some of its features-

  • Google reCAPTCHA integrate facilities to prevent spam message.
  • Akismet, Stripe, Sendinblue, Constant contact integration.
  • You can make a simple contact form with checkbox, radio buttons, drop down menus, text boxes.
  • it’s totally free.

Although, it is a very good free form builder plugin for WordPress. But, most of the time its user faced a problem that is –Contact form 7 not sending mail.

7. Conclusion:

Above we have discussed only five of the most widely used of the many contact form plugins. There are also many contact forms, such as HubSpot, Jetpack Form, Caldera etc. Now the question may be which one will you use? No one would want to answer this question directly online. You need to make a choice based on what kind of user you are, what you think is most needed, or what price range you expect.

We hope that from the above discussion you can choose the right form builder plugin for you.

If you have any further questions or if the article has been helpful to you, please let us know in the comments or feel free to Contact us.