There are three ways you can install your theme in WordPress. We will see all the tree way in this article. But basically, we will details discuss the topic-“How to install wordpress theme from zip file?” See the below three way at a glance-

  1. Install from the WordPress theme directory.
  2. Upload the zip file from the WordPress dashboard.
  3. And another, upload the zip file using FTP or Hosting Cpanel.

Please Remember Before Installing:

Before installing the theme, make sure that you are using, not Because, have some limitation in the free version.  If you want to know the difference between vs please read below article.

1. How to install a theme from the WordPress theme directory?

Step-01: Login to your WordPress dashboard. e.g( and press keyboard “Enter” Key.

WordPress theme Install

Step-02: Click “Appearance” and after that click “Add New”.

Step-03: You will see many themes here. At the top right you will see a search bar. Enter the name of the theme you need here.

WordPress theme installation process

Step-04: Scroll your mouse courser in your theme. You will see “Install” Button bottom of the theme. Click install and wait a few second.

WordPress directory theme install

Step-05: But installed that means theme not active. You need to another one final click. Click “Active button”. Finally, the installed theme is now usable for your probable website.

WordPress theme activatin

2. How to install WordPress theme from zip file?

Step-01: From the WordPress dashboard click “Appearance”>Theme>Add New>Upload Theme. You Can See above 1,2 and 03 No Pictures.

Upload theme from zip

Step-02: After that click “Browse” . See the below image please.

Theme upload zip

Step-03: This step you need to select your zipped file from location. Already i have a copy of theme that i were download from Themeforest. But remember, sometimes if another zip file found inside your downloaded zipped file then you need to extract that. In this case, right click the mouse on your downloaded zip file. And click “Extract here”. Click “Open”.

Zip theme upload for wordpress

Step-04: This is the final step for install a WordPress theme from zip. Click Install button and wait a moment. Because, theme installation need some times. After that you will get a successful message if everything is ok. Some theme installations may require hosting capacity or access to certain requirements.

If you get successful message then click Active button.

3. How to upload and Install wordpress theme zip file by cpanel?

We will now look at the process of installing themes in method number three. This method may be required in special cases. Previously the Woodmart theme needed to be installed this way. Now it is no longer needed. However, if you ever have trouble installing with the above process by zip file, you can try this method.

Step-01: Login to your hosting cpanel or ftp account. Go to “File manager>Public_html>wp-content>themes”. You will see a window like below image.

Theme upload by cpanel

Step-02: From here click   “Upload>Select>Open”. Your theme will start uploading. After finish uploading process, you may leave cPanel.

Step-03: In this step you need to go to your WordPress dashboard. Go to “Appreance>Theme”. Refresh the browser tab. You will see all of your installed theme here. Click “Install” the theme you were uploaded by cpanel or FTP. Click “Active”. So, your theme is now ready for build website.

4. Conclusion: How to install wordpress theme from zip file?

We confidently hope that-you can understand now-“how to install WordPress theme from zip file” or directly from WordPress theme directory.
Always create a backup before you switch theme or major modify in your WordPress website.

If you have any further questions or if the article has been helpful to you, please let us know in the comments.

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