Sometimes you may not need a WordPress site that already installed on your hosting. Maybe the reason you installed it is gone. So, it is no longer needed. In that case you can remove this unnecessary site and free up hosting space. If you want to know how to uninstall WordPress from cpanel within 02 minutes then read this article.

Here we are showing the process of uninstalling from cPanel in two ways. The first is with the Softaculous installer and the second is directly from the WordPress option. Different hosting providers may have different installer applications like Softaculous. But there will always be WordPress.

Table of Contents:

  1. WordPress Uninstallation Video.
  2. Uninstall WordPress by Sotaculous.
  3. Remove from WordPress Options.
  4. Conclusion.

1. WordPress Uninstallation Video:

2. How to Uninstall WordPress from cPanel by Softaculous?

Follow the simple step below for Uninstalling Process by Softaculous-


  1. Go the the cPanel from your hosting panel or directly search by your domain in browser search bar like- Type your Username and password and log In.
  2. Now you will see the cpanel home window.
  3. Scroll down below and find Software section and click softaculous icon in the left corner. See the below image kindly if you need.
How to insall wordpress


  1. Now you will see the WordPress Management screen. Here you will see all the domain, sub-domain or directory where WordPress already been installed.
  2. Carefully find out and click down arrow symbol right side of the installed WordPress that you want to remove.
Remove WordPress from cpanel

3. You will see again your website name and URL and click Uninstall button. See the below image for better understanding.

WordPress uninstallation process

4. After that you will see the another window of WordPress Removing section and three check mark option. Read it carefully. If you keep anyone of this then uncheck that.

WorPress Removing window

5. Find the Remove Installation Buton botom of this window. Think 5 Second again and click this button.

Uninstallation wordpress button

6. We are in the final step now! You will see a message like ” This actions are irreversible!!” Click “ok” and Wait a few moment. Then you will see the Uninstallation successful message.

3. Remove from WordPress Option:

  1. On the cPanel home, scroll down and find the software section. In the left corner, you will see the WordPress icon. Click the icon of WordPress. See the below image.
Remove WP from cpanel

2. You can see all your current WordPress installations here. Click the trash bin icon like the below image.

WordPress remove trash

3. After that you will see a window like above “Removing WordPress” image. If you want to keep anything like database, directory or database user of then uncheck it. Otherwise keep it all check mark.

4. Click “Remove Installation” button. Wait a few second and observe progress bar. Then you will see a message like below image.

Final step of wordpress uninstallation

4. Conclusion: How to Uninstall WordPress from cpanel?

We hope that now you understand clearly the topics “How to Uninstall WordPress from cpanel?” If you think your uninstalling was a mistake the quickly contact your hosting provider. Normally they always have a backup.

If you have any further questions or if the article has been helpful to you, please let us know in the comments.

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