Here you will see how to install WordPress in your Domain, Sub-Domain, or Sub-Directory, by cPanel Softaculous installer in only 5 clicks. It’s a pretty much simple and hassle-free way to install WordPress. First, I will show you step by step how to create a sub-domain and how to install WordPress there.

You can install WordPress in the same way on your domain, subdomain or subdirectory. Here we are showing how to install in sub-domain.

Table of Contents:

  1. Video of how to Install WordPress.
  2. Creating a Sub-Domain.
  3. Install WordPress in Sub-Domain.
  4. Conclusion.

1. Video of how to Install WordPress:

2. Creating a Sub-Domain and install WordPress:

Step-1: Go to your cPanel. You can go through from your hosting panel or type like this-“”. You will see cPanel login windows. Type your username and password and log in.

Step-2: Scroll down and go to Domain sections and click Subdomain menu. See the below picture for better understanding.

How to create subdomain

Step-3: You will see create subdomain box. Give your subdomain data there and click create. The below image will help you a lot.

The image gave my subdomain name “new”. Click the dropdown box in the middlebox. You will see all of your domains that are active in your cPanel. Select the domain under which you want to create subdomains.

Step-4: And finally click the create button.

Subdomain creating

Step-5: If your subdomain creates successfully the you will see the windows like below image. Click “Go Back” Option.


Click “CP” icon top left corner of cPanel. Then you will go to again cPanel home window.So, your subdomain was created successfully!
Then we will install WordPress now this subdomain.

3. How to install WordPress?

Step-01: After creating a subdomain, scroll down from the cPanel home screen and you will see the Softaculous icon bottom left corner in the Software Section. You may see the below image.

How to insall wordpress

Step-02: After that, you will see a WordPress management screen with an install button. Also, you will see all of your domain/subdomain where WordPress is already been installed.
Click Install Button. You can see below image for better understand. You can see the below image for better understanding.

Insall wordpress windows


1. Choose protocol from the dropdown box. Always prefer https://

2. Click the dropdown option and select where you want to install. Previously we created a subdomain like-“ So, I will see here my subdomain and select it.

3. Give here your site name and descriptions according to your probable website. It’s important for future SEO and other’s performance.

4. Give your username and a strong password for WordPress dashboard login. Also need to give an e-mail for admin.


5. Choose site language and keep checking mark some important plugins for your advantage. You may follow the below image.

WordPress install stage

6. You are now in the final stage of installation. You may give an email ID for installation notification. The below image may help you.

Wordpress install final stage
6. If everying ok the you will get a succesfull message like below image.

And finally, the WordPress installation process is complete. Type like- “” into your browser’s search bar for go to WordPress dashboard and press Enter. You will see the dashboard and you can do whatever you want.

WordPress isntallation successfull

4. Conclusion:

We hope this article will help you to install WordPress successfully in a hassle-free way. This will help a beginner with the installation of WordPress software.

If you have any further questions or if the article has been helpful to you, please let us know in the comments.

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