We know Fiverr is a very popular and trusted marketplace in the freelancing sector. It is an Israeli company founded in 2010. A large number of freelancers and clients give and take services here on every day. Fiver’s small services are known as gigs. Fiverr is a popular marketplace, even before that it is a search engine. Here is a nice arrangement for a buyer to find a suitable seller according to his required service. If you’ve been working on Fiverr, you know that if the gig is on the front page or at the top of the first page, the chances of selling it increase a lot. So, it is very important to rank your gig. We will discuss How to rank gig on Fiverr?
But always keep in mind, this is a professional international marketplace. You must have very good quality skills on the subject you are going to work on.

Table of Contents:

  1. How to Rank Gig On Fiverr?
  2. After getting an order on Fiverr.
  3. Before coming to work on Fiverr.
  4. Conclusion.

1. The step you may take to rank your gig on Fiverr:

If your gig is on the first page according to a specific keyword or category, the chances of getting an order increase a lot. Now the question is – how will your gig come to the front page and how to rank  gig on Fiverr? Or why will Fiverr bring your gig first in their search results? Since there are many sellers in one category to provide similar services. We discuss all these issues in detail below.

When a person searches by typing something (keyword), behind that keyword-relevancy, quality, positive review, and visibility these things work. A new seller does not have many positive reviews. So other things can be done.

Research Gig:

  1. Research the first 10 gigs of those who are on the front page about the keyword or category you will work with.
  2. See what titles, descriptions, or tags they have used. And of course, you will see what other sellers are charging for that job. Try to stay close to them. For example, if they have 50$, you can go down to 40$. But don’t compromise with your hard work and skills. Set a reasonable price for your work.
  3. Select a section where there are relatively few sellers to serve. For example, if you go to the WordPress eCommerce website category, there are many sellers. Again, if you want to build a website with an Astra theme in the eCommerce category, you will find relatively few sellers there. But you have to see how many orders are getting on the gigs on the first page.
  4. Tag’s are also important for finding your Fiverr Gigs on search results. “Fiverr Quick View” google extensions can help you to find Fiverr tags. With it, you will find at least 50 tags in 10 top-ranked Gigs. From there, choose 5 common tags.

But, please don’t copy anything from someone’s gig. You can get ideas by looking at them.


When we search for something in search engines like Google, Bing, Yandex, or Fiverr, their crawlers or bot find some websites or gigs and bring them to the fore which match our search. For example, if you search Google for ” best restaurant near me”, then Google will come up with some websites that are running restaurants near you. In other words, if you search for a restaurant, Google will never show you the police station in its results, it will show the website of the restaurant. Similarly, if you search for “On-page SEO optimization” on Fiverr, Fiverr will show you the gigs that gave the gig with this keyword. This is call relevancy.

  1. So, select a keyword according to your service.
  2. Keep your Keyword in Gig URL, Title, Description, Pricing and FAQ. But don’t over-optimize. Place your keyword organically. When someone searches for your service (keyword), the robot sees the above 5 things:
  3. Use the keyword or related tags organically, if you have a chance at an important place in your gig.

Write an Elegant Description:

  1.  Try to write Gig’s description in a way that, in a nutshell, simply conveys what you are serving.
  2. If you have a slight problem with the English language, you can get help from someone who is good at this subject.
  3. Avoid grammar mistakes.
  4. Make sure that, even a 12-year-old child understands your service by reading your gig description.
  5. Improve your english Skill.

Design a relevant and Elegant Gig image:

  1. Gig image is very important. People look at it first, then judge its quality. You can use Canva or Photoshop to design your Gig image.
  2. It would be better to give a video besides pictures in the gig. A video is increase 40% more chance to rank your Gig than a photo. There are a lot of good video making software or applications available nowadays.
  3. Create a relevant and elegant gig image. If your gig image is placed with other sellers’ gig images, make sure it is eye-catching. If you want to know more about this, check out the Fiverr Gig image policy.

Stay active:

Try to be more active in Fiverr. This is because buyers often use filter and communicate only with those who are online. Some more reasons are-

  1. If you exchange more messages with the buyer in your inbox, your inbox response rate, time will all increase.
  2. If the buyer spends more time on your gig, clicking on your gig then it is good for gig ranking.
  3. As a new seller, you can send 10 buyer requests per day. Try to use them properly. Even if you don’t get the order, it will still increase the chances of more clicks, impressions on the gig.

2. After getting an order on Fiverr:

  1. Try to respond to buyers’ messages as early as possible.
  2. The sooner you get a custom offer accepted, the better.
  3. Delivering before the “you have 12 hours to deliver” notification.
  4. Try to convince the buyer to accept the order as soon as possible. But don’t put pressure on him in any way.
  5. Provide quality work. So as not to give revision. Therefore, try to understand the buyer’s demand for the job in advance.
  6. Avoiding cancellations.
  7. Avoiding time extensions.
  8. Avoid un-professional behavior. Because you are a seller. You selling something to your buyers or customers. So, it is your business.
  9. Be patient and try to please your customers with your utmost effort. If you are honest in all aspects, then Fiverr support is with you.
  10. Whether it is an order of less money or an order of more money, you will give equal importance to both. Because the value of the review is the same! A bad review or cancellation is enough to lose your gig rank.

3. Before coming to work on Fiverr: How to rank gig on Fiverr?

  1. Fiverr adheres strictly to their policy. So before coming here to work you should have a clear idea about the policy.
  2. It is an international quality professional marketplace. You need to acquire sufficient skills before you can come here to work. If you think you have a lack of skills, step back. Practice more then comes back. Because no matter how high your gig ranks, it won’t work if you can’t make the buyer happy by doing the right thing. At the end of the day, a lot of frustration will wait for you.
  3. You have to learn to be patient. Because it may take time to get the first order. Someone gets orders too early and some get too late. For example, I get the first order in four days with the first gig. But my friend got the first order after 07 months. But now he is close to becoming a top-rated seller. And I’m far behind.

4. Conclusion:

If you follow the above points well, you will be able to rank your gig and keep it in the rank. Although it won’t be overnight. Finally, there was the request to adhere to the Terms of Service. They are much smarter than you and me. It is difficult to get through any trick. Every day the hard-earned profiles of many sellers are getting temporary, permanently disabled or banned due to small mistakes. Build or connect with a community of the people who are working on similar topics. Exchange information. It will help you a lot to survive in marketplace.

“Take care of your health too. Happy freelancing!!”

If you have any further questions or if the article has been helpful to you, please let us know in the comments.

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