The menu is a very important element of a website. Usually, other important pages, posts, products of the website including the homepage are linked with the help of the menu, so that a visitor can find them easily. The drop-down menu is a sub-menu of the main menu. When a visitor clicks or scrolls through the main menu, they see other menus items of that main menu. For example, if India is the main menu item, then Delhi, Mumbai, Kolkata, Chennai maybe it’s dropdown or sub-menu item. Today we will see how to create a dropdown menu in WordPress?

Table of Contents:

  1. Video: WordPress Menu and Dropdown Menu Create.
  2. How to Create a Menu in WordPress?
  3. How to create a Dropdown Menu in WordPress?
  4. Conclusion.

1. Video: WordPress Menu and Dropdown Menu Create.

2. How to Create a Menu in WordPress?

Since the dropdown menu is a sub-menu of the main menu. We need to create a menu before we create a dropdown menu. Below we will see step by step, how to create a menu. Then we will see how to create a drop-down menu.

Step-1: At first, you need to log in to your WordPress dashboard. Then go to Appearance>Menu.

How to create a menu

Step-2: After click Menus, you will see a window like below image. Give a menu name in the “Menu Name” box. I wrote “test menu” there. Check the type of menu you want to create. I check there “Primary Menu”.  After that click the “Create Menu” Button. So, your Menu is successfully created.

How to add navigation menu in wordpress

Step-3: If your menu has been successfully created, you will see a window similar to the image below. Here you will see “Add Menu Items” on the left and “Menu Structure” Box on the right. There are four options in the Add Menu Items box. These are: Pages, Posts, Custom Links and Categories.
If you have already created a page, post or category, you can easily add them to your menu by clicking on these options.

How to create a new menu in wordpress

Step-4: As you can see in the image above, I have not created any page, post or category before. I will first create menus, then create pages, posts or categories and link them to menus. So, I click their custom link. In the link text box, you need to write your menu item name.

Step-5: I give there a menu item name called “Home”. In the URL filed i give there “#” sign. Because I have no any URL before. I will fill the box in the next, when i created home page. You can add some more items here as per your requirement. I have added some more items which I will discuss in the How to Create a Dropdown menu in WordPress.
So, our first task is done! We will create a menu successfully! Now we will see the below-How to Create a Dropdown menu in WordPress?

3. How to create a Dropdown in WordPress?

How to create a dropdown menu in wordpress

Once the menu is created, it is very easy to create a dropdown menu in WordPress. Take a good look at the picture above. In the above picture, I created a menu that names “Test Menu”. Their Home, About, Programming Course, PHP, Laravel, Python, JavaScript, Contact is menu item. But Home, About, Programming Course, Contact is a similar parallel. PHP, Python, JavaScript is the same parallel. And Laravel is another parallel. So, Home, About, Programming Course and Contact Us is the Main Menu. PHP, Python, JavaScript is Dropdown or sub-menu of the Programming Course. And Laravel is the Dropdown Menu of Php.

Just Keep your mouse cursor in the menu item. Then you will see a plus symbol. Drag and drop your item slightly on the right side parallel from the left side parallel. Your dropdown menu will be created instantly.

Please watch the above video to better understand.

4. Conclusion:

Hopefully, this article and video will help you a lot on how to create menus and dropdown menus in WordPress. At the end of the video, we show more, how to add a created menu to your site. If you want to know more about this, you can ask questions in the comments section.

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